Emergency Management Planning

Protecting your people

Emergency Management could more aptly be described as the ‘Life at Risk’ phase – where a life-threatening incident is impacting your site. These situations are high intensity and high risk. That is why your people MUST know how to get themselves to safety.

Bounce Readiness will seamlessly integrate emergency management plans with your existing infrastructure, workplace health and safety procedures, critical incident management plans, crisis management plans and business continuity plans.

Emergency Management Planning includes the following services:

Evacuation Diagrams


Emergency Response Plans


Training for wardens, chief wardens, assembly area wardens, receptionist / call takers, staff / occupants


Evacuation and lockdown drills


Emergency equipment

When working with clients to establish their emergency program, Bounce Readiness takes a practical, project management approach to ensuring the program is customised to the client environment and organisational needs.



Meet compliance and best practice standards


Protect your people and property


Provide capacity in your organisation for responding to an emergency


Work effectively with emergency services


Conduct debriefs for ongoing care of your people, and lessons management

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