School eLearning

A key requirement for any learning community is to provide a safe and secure environment for staff and students alike. That not only means keeping teachers and students safe from physical and mental harm but having plans in place for the continuation of services in the event of a critical incident that could potentially cause disruption for an extended period of time.

At Bounce Readiness, we provide eLearning packages that enable your school to provide alternate ways to train staff, at a time that suits your organisation, while also providing instruction on how to respond and manage emergency situations.

Our content is tailored specifically to each school, with provision of a published SCORM file for your school to load onto your existing Learning Management System. Each bespoke eLearning course employs a three-tier approach to emergency and incident management:


Preparing your school to respond to an incident.


Building your team’s capacity and capability to respond to an incident.


Enabling your teams to work together to protect staff, students and visitors.

eLearning Benefits with Bounce

Emergency Management Compliance Requirements


AS3745 outlines the requirements for emergency management compliance. The following outlines both this compliance, and best practice:


Evacuation Diagram


Emergency response procedures


Emergency response training

  • Warden training every six months.
  • Chief Warden training every six months.
  • First Attack Fire Fighting every two years.
  • Annual Emergency Planning Committee training and meeting.
  • Annual training for all staff.

Annual evacuation drills


Best practice suggests at least annual lockdown drills are performed


Again, best practice recommends annual receptionist / call taker training

See our comprehensive compliance checklist, to gain access to a wealth of information to make your eLearning as tailored as possible to your school.

eLearning Courses Bounce Readiness Develops

We customise programs to your needs. The following courses will allow you to meet your best practice requirements for keeping staff and students safe:


Warden training


Chief Warden training


First Attack Fire Fighting


Staff awareness training


Call taker / reception training


Contractor briefings


Other training upon request

Check out our school services page for other emergency management, critical incident management and business continuity services we can support you with.

Why Bounce Readiness?

When it comes to emergency and critical incident management, our team at Bounce Readiness prides itself on delivering targeted customised services to our clients. You will be working with:


A team with over 30 years’ experience working with schools.


A team with over 30 years’ working in the emergency and incident management industry.


Management and delivery of customised services.


The delivery of services on time, utilising a tried and tested project management approach.


A high level of consultation and transparency for all clients.

Contact us now for an obligation-free assessment of your emergency and incident management needs and to see how Bounce Readiness’s unique learning delivery system can make your school a safe and well-prepared environment.