School Program

…creating the building blocks to bounce back

The education sector has been identified as a key industry for vulnerability when it comes to incident/crisis management, and resilience. Bounce specialises in delivering end-to-end incident management services to the education sector, preparing them to respond effectively and become more resilient.

The following program is fully customisable to suit unique requirements and has been specifically designed for schools.


Building your processes


Evacuation diagrams - professional, compliant evacuation diagrams for display in common areas of the campus and buildings.


Business impact analysis - a systematic business continuity process to evaluate and identify critical business functions, key organisational dependencies, recovery timeframes and resource requirements.


Resilience policy - assists the school in defining the management of their resilience program including emergency management, critical incident management and business continuity.


Emergency Response Plan - this plan is for use by the warden team, outlining key response processes to follow in the event of an emergency, including the process to evacuate or lockdown.


Critical Incident Management Plan (including Business Continuity) - this plan is an operational and strategic plan, focused on the ongoing protection of people, assets, and school operations and reputation. It outlines assessment processes, escalation levels, processes to follow for different incidents, roles of team members, staging area plans and communication protocols.


Off campus field plan – this plan is for use by leaders of off campus activities which may include sports activities, camping trips, domestic or international excursions.


Building your capacity

Your resilience program will be most effective when capable people are leading the response efforts. This is best achieved through training and exercising your teams to ensure they are confident, capable and empowered to lead your school during an incident or business disruption.


Emergency Management

  • Warden training
  • Chief Warden training
  • Emergency Planning Committee training
  • Staff awareness training
  • Receptionist training
  • First attack fire fighting 
  • Mailroom handling training

Critical Incident / Crisis Management

  • Critical Incident Management Team training
  • Off campus leader training
  • Boarding staff training
  • Boarding student training
  • Staff awareness training
  • Board / Council briefing


  • Evacuation drills
  • Lockdown drills
  • Critical incident management exercise
  • Critical Business Function testing


Respond effectively


Critical Incident Response

When you are faced with a critical incident or crisis, Bounce can provide support in guiding and assisting your team


Post Incident Reviews

Review and assess the outcomes of a critical incident or crisis, including what worked well and areas needing further improvement.