Everything you need to know about the Bounce Shop

by | 24 Mar 2023

Bounce Readiness is commonly recognised as an Australian-based supplier of emergency management and preparedness, incident management, business continuity, evacuation diagrams, warden simulation exercising, post incident reviews and much more

But recently, we have branched out in offering our clients and Australian organisations the opportunity to obtain AS 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities compliant ready emergency equipment and emergency clothing.

Opened in March, our online store boasts hundreds of variants of what we consider some of the most critical gear to have on your premises. From hard hats, to vests and snake bite kits, we’re supplying enough equipment to match the services we offer, and the preparedness we recommend.

Bounce Readiness has already seen clients take advantage of the new gear by ordering ahead of key exercises, like our simulation exercises programs; allowing them to test the gear they’ve bought ahead of a real life emergency.

When purchasing your new equipment via our online store, you can rest assured we’re packaging and shipping within a couple of days. However, we offer express shipping and many other customised options to get you what you need, fast.

If you’re an existing Bounce Readiness client, you can also take advantage of special discounts, which is a great way to save money on your emergency preparedness equipment.

With the dynamic and evolving threat landscape, risks to organisations and their people require more than just knowledge to overcome them. Today, leaders can reinforce their preparedness and resilience with compliant ready equipment and clothing.

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School Resilience Survey

This specific survey focuses on lessons learnt from incidents over the last 12 months, and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.