Evacuation Diagrams

Providing a visual on how to evacuate

Evacuation diagrams provide building and site occupants the information they require to evacuate in the event of an emergency.

Bounce provides professional, compliant evacuation diagrams for display in common areas of buildings and sites. The evacuation diagrams contain all elements required by Australian Standards, including the building layout, location of fire and emergency equipment, assembly area, egress routes and the ‘you are here’ locator. All diagrams will be oriented to the ‘you are here’ locator and are provided in A3 or A4 format in either landscape or portrait form.



Comply with Australian Standards


Assist your team to evacuate safely during an emergency


Assist your team locate emergency equipment quickly


Customised to your site / building


Align with your specific emergency processes

Australian requirements for Evacuation Diagrams

AS3745-2010 lists a range of elements which must be included in evacuation diagrams:

NMinimum Elements
  • “You Are Here” symbol
  • Designated exit points and evacuation paths
  • Fire extinguishers and types
  • Fire blankets
  • Validity date
  • A symbol legend
  • Location of the workplace & site address/facility
  • Name if applicable
  • Assembly point location either written or in a picture
Optional Elements
  • First aid kits and defibrillators
  • North direction
  • Emergency Information – in accordance with your Evacuation Plan
  • Spill response kits
  • Direction of door openings for emergency doors
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Fire hydrants

Installing your Evacuation Diagrams

Diagrams need to be installed 1200mm to 1600mm off finished floor level. The diagrams should be installed along the paths of egress to ensure occupants can refer to the diagrams on their way to the exits as required.

Bounce can provide your diagrams in the following formats:

Electronic PDF


Laminated paper


Snap lock frames


Acrylic Perspex


Brushed aluminium

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