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Bounce Readiness understands the importance of being ready to respond and recover from critical incidents and disruptions.

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Our Current eLearning Programs

Warden Training

Gain guidance on responding to emergencies as a warden, meeting regulatory standards and ensuring safety in facilities.

Chief Warden Training

Equip yourself to manage and lead emergency responses effectively, demonstrating expert leadership in critical situations.

First Attack Fire Fighting Training

Get an introduction to basic fire theory, a prerequisite for warden training, ensuring you are prepared for fire emergencies.

Staff Awareness Training

Empower your staff with essential information and guidance on responding to emergencies promptly and efficiently.

Call Taker/ Reception Training

Master the skills of handling incident calls, briefing Chief Wardens, and swiftly raising the alarm, ensuring a rapid response.

Incident Management Training

Gain comprehensive support in establishing and maintaining your incident management program, meeting compliance requirements and documentation needs.

eLearning Short Courses

Managing an Evacuation

(10 – 30 minutes)

Gain essential skills to efficiently coordinate and execute evacuations, ensuring the safety of all involved. Learn about evacuation protocols, communication strategies, and the importance of designated assembly areas. Explore scenarios and best practices for handling various evacuation situations.

Managing a Lockdown

(10 – 30 minutes)

Learn effective strategies to implement and manage lockdown procedures, prioritizing safety and security. Understand when lockdowns should be initiated. Explore communication protocols, lockdown procedures, and methods for maintaining calm and order during lockdown situations.

Conducting Evacuation Searches

(15 minutes)

Master the techniques and protocols for conducting thorough evacuation searches to account for all individuals. Learn how to systematically search designated areas, identify potential hazards, and safely guide individuals to assembly points. Explore the importance of communication and coordination during evacuation searches to ensure everyone is safely evacuated..

Using the Fire Indicator Panel

(15 minutes)

Acquire proficiency in utilizing the Fire Indicator Panel to effectively respond to fire emergencies, ensuring swift and accurate actions. Learn how to interpret alarm signals, locate the source of a fire, and initiate emergency procedures. Explore common troubleshooting techniques and best practices for maintaining and testing fire indicator panels.

Managing a Bomb Threat

(15 minutes)

Develop the necessary skills and protocols to manage bomb threats calmly and efficiently, minimising risks and ensuring a coordinated response. Learn how to assess bomb threat situations, communicate with authorities, and evacuate affected areas safely. Explore strategies for managing panic and maintaining order during bomb threat incidents.

Managing Medical Emergencies

(15 minutes)

Equip yourself with essential knowledge and strategies to effectively respond to medical emergencies, prioritising prompt and appropriate care. Learn how to assess medical emergencies, report casualties, and coordinate with emergency medical services.

Managing External Emergencies

(15 minutes)

Learn how to effectively handle external emergencies, such as natural disasters or external threats, ensuring the safety and security of all individuals. Explore emergency response protocols, evacuation procedures, and communication strategies for external emergencies.

Managing Internal Emergencies

(15 minutes)

Develop expertise in managing internal emergencies, such as facility-related incidents or medical crises, ensuring a coordinated and effective response. Learn how to assess internal emergencies, activate emergency response teams, and implement containment measures. Explore strategies for managing internal emergencies while minimising disruption to normal operations.

ECO Roles and Responsibilities

(15 minutes)

Understand the roles and responsibilities of Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) members in emergency situations, ensuring effective coordination and response. Learn about the different roles within the ECO structure, including Chief Warden, Wardens, and First Aid Officers. Explore communication protocols, emergency response procedures, and the importance of training and preparedness for ECO members.

Managing After-Hours Emergencies

(30 – 60 minutes)

Learn how to effectively manage emergency situations that occur outside regular business hours, ensuring a timely and appropriate response. Explore the unique challenges and considerations of after-hours emergencies, such as reduced staffing levels and limited access to resources. Understand the importance of emergency preparedness, communication protocols, and contingency planning for after-hours emergencies.

Managing Refusals


Develop strategies for managing individuals who refuse to comply with emergency procedures, ensuring their safety and the safety of others. Learn how to communicate effectively with individuals who refuse to evacuate or follow emergency instructions. Explore de-escalation techniques, alternative solutions, and protocols for managing refusal situations while maintaining safety and security.

Managing Mobility Impairments


Gain insights into effectively managing emergency situations involving individuals with mobility impairments, ensuring their safety and timely evacuation. Learn how to identify individuals with mobility impairments, assess their needs, and provide appropriate assistance during evacuations. Explore accessibility considerations, evacuation protocols, and strategies for accommodating individuals with mobility impairments during emergencies.

Managing Casualties During an Evacuation

(15 minutes)

Learn how to effectively manage casualties and injuries during evacuations, ensuring their timely and appropriate care. Explore triage procedures, first aid techniques, and coordination with emergency medical services. Understand the importance of prioritizing casualties, maintaining communication, and providing support to injured individuals during evacuation situations.

Your Emergency Equipment

(15 minutes)

Understand the importance of emergency equipment and how to effectively utilize it during emergency situations. Learn about the different types of emergency equipment, their functions, and maintenance requirements. Explore best practices for storing, accessing, and using emergency equipment during various emergency scenarios.

Conducting Debriefings

(15 minutes)

Learn how to conduct thorough debriefs following emergency incidents to identify lessons learned and improve future response efforts. Explore the importance of debriefing in promoting continuous improvement and resilience within an organization. Understand how to facilitate debriefing sessions, gather feedback, and implement recommendations for enhancing emergency response capabilities.

Managing Health and Wellbeing During an Emergency

(15 minutes)

Gain insights into managing the health and wellbeing of individuals during emergency situations, ensuring their physical and emotional needs are addressed. Learn how to assess and address the immediate health concerns of individuals affected by emergencies, provide psychological first aid, and facilitate access to support services. Explore strategies for promoting resilience, coping, and recovery during and after emergency situations.

Customised eLearning

Bounce has the skills, experience, and expertise to create bespoke and customised eLearning courses to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor an online training program for your organisation.

Why learn with Bounce Readiness?

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our expert team, armed with a profound background in adult education, is passionate about customising eLearning programs specifically for your organisation. We meticulously align our courses with your processes and environment, ensuring a seamless integration tailored to your requirements.

Flexible Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

Bounce Readiness enables your teams to learn at their own pace, at a time that suits them. Our interactive eLearning courses are designed to be engaging, practical, and accessible, allowing your employees to enhance their skills without disrupting their work schedules.

Scalability and Accessibility for All

eLearning provides a unique opportunity for learners to revisit course material as often as they need to gain a complete understanding and retain knowledge, especially when tackling complex topics. It also seamlessly accommodates the learning needs of a vast and varied audience.

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