Simulation Exercising

Ensuring teams and processes are ready for a live incident

Bounce designs and facilitates exercises for many organisations, from live and multi-agency exercises to desktop exercises, including emergency management, critical incident management and business continuity management exercises.

We have a structured, consultative, project management approach to our exercise process, ensuring clients’ exercises are realistic, practical, and aligned the organisations’ plans and objectives.

Evacuation and Lockdown drills

Practical evacuation and lockdown drills ensure staff and occupants know what to do in an emergency. They are a good way to ensure your Emergency Response Plans are effective and up-to-date, your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO also known as wardens) are well rehearsed and confident, staff and occupants are aware of what to do, and that you are meeting compliance requirements.

Bounce can facilitate your evacuation and / or lockdown drills through a well-structured proven process, including site set up, warden briefing, facilitation, debriefing and provision of a drill report with recommendations. We can also provide a realistic simulation through use of casualty simulation.

Exercises (Live and Desktop)

Live and desktop exercises build capacity within management teams to respond to incidents and disruptions, ensuring processes will work effectively during an incident, and to provide staff with competence and confidence in their role during an incident or business disruption.

Advantages of conducting an exercise include:

Program reviews


Building confidence in staff members


Building strength and capability within team


Building capacity within the organisation


Familiarising all team members with team roles and other key roles


Building an incident ready culture


Providing assurance for key stakeholders


Identifying what is working well, and required improvements


Identifying gaps in processes and tools


Ensuring interactions are clear between your organisations and other agencies / organisations

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