Critical Business Function Testing

Ensuring processes and preparedness measures are ready for a live disruption

Bounce designs and facilitates testing of business continuity measures to identify further enhancements required to recover critical business functions.

Specially, the testing process will validate roles and responsibilities; procedures and documented work arounds; recovery time objectives and operability of required systems and equipment.


Validate information captured in the Business Impact Analysis and documented in the Business Continuity Plan


Building capacity within the organisation


Familiarising all team members with the processes required to recovery critical business functions


Providing assurance for key stakeholders


Identifying what is working well, and required improvements


Identifying gaps in processes, tools and resourcing

Our Testing Process

The testing process will generally integrate two components:


The organisation’s ICT team exercising their disaster recovery processes, taking the ICT systems down and recovering the ICT systems using the organisation’s disaster recovery measures.


The business area owners ensuring they can recover their critical business functions within the documented recovery time objectives.

Bounce will assist the organisation to develop a testing regime to provide appropriate coverage of all agreed business continuity recovery activities. This includes defining performance indicators and establishing test scripts to validate the recovery of critical business functions as identified in the Business Impact Analysis. Bounce will oversee the testing of high priority critical business functions and provide an assessment report of recovery capabilities.

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