Top 10 Emergency Management Products Every Australian Business Should Have

by | 18 May 2023

Emergencies can strike unexpectedly, posing significant risks to businesses and their employees. 

As responsible business owners, it is crucial to be prepared and equipped with the necessary tools and resources to handle such situations effectively. 

In Australia, the ‘AS 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’ standard provides guidelines for emergency management in various settings. 

To support in meeting compliance with this standard, Bounce Readiness now provides a variety of emergency management clothing, gear, and equipment.

In this short article, we’ve broken down a list of the top 10 emergency management products that every Australian business should have onhand for any and all emergencies. 

These products, available at Bounce Readiness, not only meet AS 3745-2010 requirements but also offer optimal safety and protection for your workplace.

1 – Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

One of the fundamental requirements of AS 3745-2010 is the provision of clear and accurate emergency evacuation diagrams. These diagrams assist employees and visitors in understanding the layout of the facility and the designated emergency exits. Bounce Readiness offers a range of evacuation diagrams tailored to your specific business needs.

Our team comes on site and reviews the layouts to suggest the best positioning and layout of the exit routes, as well as ensuring your diagrams accurately reflect physical layouts and exit routes. 

You can explore more about our Evacuation Diagrams here, and shop frames here.

2 – Emergency Evacuation Lighting

During emergencies, power outages or low visibility can hinder safe evacuation. AS 3745-2010 mandates the installation of emergency evacuation lighting to guide individuals towards exits. 

Bounce Readiness recommends regularly checking lighting along your exit routes as well as ensuring you have access to good torches, batteries and reflective clothing in busy areas like kitchens and reception areas.

3 – Emergency Response Kits

In the face of an emergency, having a well-stocked emergency response kit can make a significant difference. 

These kits should contain essential medical supplies, first aid equipment, and other emergency tools. They should be maintained and easily accessible.

Bounce Readiness offers comprehensive emergency response kits, designed to address a variety of emergency scenarios. Often used by schools, boarding schools and large office blocks, these bags cover a lot of the issues of emergency response in one go.

Browse our evacuation kits here.

4 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The safety of employees is of paramount importance during emergencies. AS 3745-2010 highlights the necessity of appropriate personal protective equipment. Bounce Readiness provides a wide range of PPE options, including high-visibility clothing, and hardhats, ensuring compliance and protection in hazardous situations.

It’s important that you have enough PPE on site that also caters for different roles, and the individuals that will need them. 

You can see our hat selection here.

5 – Fire Extinguishers and Blankets

Fires pose a significant threat to businesses, and having the right firefighting equipment is crucial. 

AS 3745-2010 emphasises the importance of fire extinguishers and blankets within facilities. Bounce Readiness has seen on multiple occasions that whilst buildings have plenty of fire extinguishers, users seldom understand the difference between them or how to effectively use them.

Therefore, organisations should ensure all staff – particularly new ones – are aware of how to use your fire extinguishers.

6 – Emergency Communication Systems

Effective communication is essential during emergencies to relay instructions and coordinate response efforts. AS 3745-2010 outlines the need for reliable communication systems. 

From your mobile phone through to radios and megaphones, you need to consider a variety of scenarios each would be valuable. Has a natural disaster knocked out a mobile phone tower making mobile inefficient? Does your site need radios and if so, what channel will emergency situations be handled? 

Check out our megaphones here, and airhorns here.

7 – Emergency Safety Vests

Ensuring the visibility of emergency response personnel is vital in emergency situations. Bounce Readiness offers a range of compliant safety vests that meet AS 3745-2010 requirements. These vests help identify designated emergency personnel, enhancing coordination and safety during crisis events.

Similar to above, it’s important these are easily accessible and each team member knows which vest to grab relevant to their role. Practice and check this regularly.

Here is our selection of warden vests.

8 – Safety Signage

Clear and concise safety signage plays a critical role in guiding individuals and ensuring their safety. AS 3745-2010 mandates the use of appropriate safety signs. 

Bounce Readiness recommends a comprehensive collection of safety signs, including emergency exit signs, fire safety signs, and hazard warning signs (whatever is most relevant to your establishment).

9 – Emergency Lockdown Systems

In certain emergency scenarios, such as an active shooter or intruder situation, it may be necessary to implement lockdown procedures. 

AS 3745-2010 addresses the importance of emergency lockdown systems such as electronically locking doors, being able to notify occupants via PA; SMS; Emails; and screen pop-up notifications.

At Bounce Readiness, we practise these sorts of events with simulation exercises. These are effective ways to practise your response and validate your plans in a safe environment.

10 – Emergency Planning and Training Resources

AS 3745-2010 underscores the significance of comprehensive emergency planning and employee training.

This can be approached in a few ways, including eLearning, in-person exercises, and team training. Of which, Bounce Readiness provides solutions to all.

None of the other 9 items are valid unless your team is confident in when and how to use them. At Bounce Readiness, we continuously encourage a lifecycle of training and preparation; the ability to create a positive culture of response to any emergency event.

Remember to check out the Bounce Readiness Shop for any of the gear mentioned above.


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